Press 2017, The Magazine of Classical Music-April 8, 2017

Doña Francisquita-Teatro Campoamor in Oviedo
"The musical direction was by José María Moreno, a passionate director on the stage, with an intense gesture and electrifying style, that moved Doña Francisquita at a good pace, achieving a vivid, intense and energizing version. It is not easy to find a director who owns these good qualities. Jose Maria Moreno does have them ... a nice Doña Francisquita to hear, passionate, overturned and sincere and, therefore, attractive".
Aurelio M. Seco

Platea Magazine-April 4, 2017

Doña Francisquita-Teatro Campoamor in Oviedo
"To the baton of the Oviedo Filarmonía, José María Moreno was able to motivate the musicians he had in front of his podium, managing to extract a passionate and not monotonous sound from the orchestra, so that the director of the city of Palma was always attentive to the dynamics, playing with them to show us a contrasting reading of the score... Sometimes, few, all the elements on stage come to operate in perfect harmony. Something like this has happened with Doña Francisquita, a jewel of Spanish culture, which shone with own light on the tables of Teatro Campoamor ".
Javier Labrada


Pres 2013

Ópera Actual Magazine-September 2013
Aida-Teatro Principal Palma de Mallorca
"A very correct perfonmance of the orquestra under the energetic and precise baton of José María Moreno”.
Pere Bujosa

Última Hora 25.06.2013
Aida-Teatro Principal Palma de Mallorca
"A very good choir performance, attractive group of dancers and from less to more the orquestra under the vigilant and enthusistic baton of José María Moreno”.
Emimi Gené

Ópera Actual Magazine-April 2013
Turandot-Teatro Principal Palma de Mallorca
"With this important title in the operatic literature the season at the Teatro Principal began, with a full house...The Balearic Symphonic orquestra mantained its high standard under the energetic baton and attentive precision of José María Moreno. A great start”.
Pere Bujosa

Última Hora 05.03.2013
Turandot-Teatro Principal Palma de Mallorca
"Torrential...there is no truce and the choir carries out the responsability of a difficult job that maintains the perforance at an intensive level which is rarely achieved. The same happens with the orquestra...Choir and orchestra equally spread art and vitality, both at a high level. Impressive...recognition of collective work, well directed by the musical director and stage manager”.
Emili Gené

Diario de Mallorca 03.03.2013
Turandot-Teatro Principal Palma de Mallorca

"The voices fulfilled with high standard their roles...the choir was magnificent and the orquestra, conducted by José María Moreno, was delicate and outstanding”.
Pere Estelrich i Massutí

Guía Cultural (digital newspaper) 13.02.2013
Reina Mora-Alma de Dios-Teatro de la Zarzuela de Madrid
This is how the género chico is revived: fresh and modern after a century "The musical direction of the majorcan José María Moreno was excellent as was the sound of the orquestra"

Estrella 13.02.2013
Reina Mora-Alma de Dios-Teatro de la Zarzuela de Madrid

Double programme at the Teatro de la Zarzuela
"The musical direction of José María Moreno and the contribution of the resident orquestra of the theatre, offer a high quality to the works”.

Madrid Teatro 13.02.2013
La Reina Mora and Alma de Dios, scores full of life.
“José María Moreno conducts the orchestra with enthusiasm, brio and love to the genre. Orchestra and conductor resulted brilliant"

ABC 24.01.2013
Reina Mora-Alma de Dios-Teatro de la Zarzuela de Madrid
“In musical terms the tenor Alejandro Roy is the most striking together with the duet by Coral and Esteban, Cristina Faus and César San Martín, and the musical direction of José María Moreno, which points in an excellent direction"

Diario Jáudenes 30-01.2013
Assistance to La Reina Mora and Alma de Dios dual programme is a must for all music lovers. Impeccably set up by the Teatro de la Zarzuela. "The Orchestra of the Community of Madrid, resident at the Teatro de la Zarzuela, played well and the music flowed with liveliness. The musical direction of José María Moreno, was a brilliant, precise and admirable guidance"

La Razón 20.01.2013
Zarzuela season. Reina Mora and Alma de Dios. A reflection.
“Efforts were not spared on the first new production presented by Pinamonti in his role as responsible for the theatre...The spectator leaves happy, which is also due to the lively musical direction of José María Moreno".

El País 19.01.2013
Reina Mora-Alma de Dios-Teatro de la Zarzuela de Madrid
“The first new production of Paolo Pinamonti at the Teatro de la Zarzuela...The musical director, José María Moreno, has vigour and the orchestra responds"

Ópera World 13.02.2013
"The musical direction was carried out by José María Moreno who did quite a good job. The orchestra sounded great with a contagious joyfulness"

Beckmesser 13.02.2013
La Reina Mora and Alma de Dios, two brief pieces for reflection.
“...the result enhances any expectation and the audience leaves happy, which is largely thanks to the lively musical direction of José María Moreno"

Press 2012

Última Hora 9.4.2012
Carmen-Teatro Principal de Palma de Mallorca
"Great success of call...In the orchestra it was imposed, on the whole, an intense, expressive and inspired reading that proved to be most entertaining”.
Emili Gené

Press 2011

Ópera Actual Magazine-December 2011
José Bros Concert-Teatro de la Zarzuela in Madrid
"From the Deart. José Bros could not have chosen a better title...Backed by José María Moreno, very much applauded in preludes and intermediates, it closed with encores...”.
Felipe Santos

Última Hora 9.5.2011
A family musical journey through Europe
"The Symphony Orchestra yesterday celebrated Europe Day with a fun family concert at Palma’s Auditorium under the leadership of José María Moreno”.

Diario de Mallorca 09.05.2011
The Symphony, a lesson in humour and irreverence
“The City of Palma Orchestra demonstrated an unconventional facet and completely won over the  Auditorium’s audience  ..."
G. Rodas

Diario El Mundo 19.04.2011
Berlin, a day after success
"Having enjoyed a seemingly endless applause from the most privileged seats of the Berlin Philharmonie concert hall... the Spanish Ambassador did not hesitate to say he was delighted with this first-class concert ... a monumental representation of Verdi's Requiem, verified in the grandeur of each single note the immense importance of the moment ... "
Fernando Merino

Mallorca Magazin 18.04.2011
Standing Ovations!
"Moreno presented a brilliant masterpiece at the Berlin Philharmonie ... The 70 musicians of the Berlin Symphonic Orchestra performing with 238 voice from the Balearic Islands... conducting with agility, precision, professionalism and great musicianship, he led the 300 musicians through this great music score. He sang along with them, observed every detail, heard every note, and it was evident that he was in constant visual contact with the performers. His concentration and enthusiasm enticed the singers and musicians: the timing was exact, the pronunciation of the Latin text, very clear ... a success from beginning to end ... The critical Berlin public responded  with a 15 minute standing ovation. José María Moreno and the soloists were repeatedly called back on stage... "
G. Kunze

Diario El Mundo 18.04.2011
Balearic voices triumph in Berlin with the Verdi Requiem
"Indisputable and unprecedented success.... With a seating capacity of 2,600 and a full house at the Berlin Philharmonie concert hall... The Berlin Symphony is a disciplined, rigorous and demanding orchestra to accept orders from an unknown baton... José María Moreno imposed an iron hand to transmit an interpretation whose priority was to highlight the immense drama of the work ... José María Moreno gesticulates energetically, forcefully... The explosion of this strength was almost earth shattering, thoroughly thrilling the audience... Everything falls into place when the orchestra is infected with the speed demanded by Moreno from his vigorous and almost ecstatic gestures of the baton.   The moment is stunning owing to the immense level of involvement.  The audience can see this clearly by the soloists’ gestures of acquiescence ... "
Fernando Merino

Diario de Mallorca 18.04.2011
A unique and unrepeatable concert
"The largest coral group to emerge from the Balearics was applauded by a demanding  German public  ...Majorcan Choral music marked a milestone in the Berlin Philharmonie, one of the world's symphonic temples ... The interpretation of  Verdi’s Requiem was unequalled, unique and captivating judging by the response of more than 2,000 people who attended the recital ... a public with a reputation for demanding excellence applauded for a full ten minutes ... José María Moreno had to return onstage five times to respond to the ovation of the Philharmonie audience... "
Gabriel Rodas

Diario Última Hora 18.04.2011
The Berlin public acclaim the Balearic choirs with a ten minute burst of applause
The Federation Choir and the Capella Mallorquina  excel in Verdi's Requiem at the Philharmonie
"... During the concert there were moments of great dramatic magnitude ... in which the singers gave a masterful performance as did Moreno, a performance significantly one of the most important of his career ... The audience completed the evening with an ovation that lasted for ten minutes... "
Nacho Jiménez

Diario El Mundo 17.04.2011
Balearic Choir captivates at the rehersals. The voices of the choir were joined today by the Berlin Symphony Orchestra.
"José María Moreno has already taken the measure of the performers  who will take part in Verdi’s Requiem, at 4pm today in the cathedral of music, the Berlin Philharmonie.   José María no longer needs the iron hand with which he usually directs the choir.  It is now the moment for the sea of voices to find its own identity. An exciting immersion in Verdi with a dramatic touch.  And this is just the general rehearsal ... "
Fernando Merino

Diario Última Hora 17.04.2011
The Balearic choristers rehearse Verdi’s Requiem in Berlin for a historic event
Nacho Jiménez

Diario Última Hora 26.03.2011
A massive Requiem
... One of the largest choral events organized by the Choral Federation,  at which the conductor’s baton was wielded by José María Moreno ... brilliant and spectacular performance"
M. Diaz

Diario de Mallorca 25.03.2011
Santa Eulalia church, the Cathedral  and the Verdi Requiem
"... José María Moreno, the conductor with apparently inexhaustible energy…”
Joan Riera

Diario de Mallorca 25.02.2011
An assault on Karajan's stronghold
"José María Moreno will conduct the Berlin Symphony Orchestra in April with the largest choir to come out of the Balearic Islands: More than 300 singers"
G. Rodas

Son Mas Castle (Andratx, Mallorca)

July 2018: 7th


Agnieszka Ceglowska, Marga Rodríguez, Cristina Van Roy, sopranos;

José Martínez, Assistent Director; Jordi Homs and Pedro Delgado

Andratx Children's Choir and Coral Municipal d'Andratx; Capella Mallorquina;

Orquestra Clàssica de Mallorca



Teatro de Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya (México)

June 2018: 14th


Julie Davies, soprano; Mali Corbacho, mezzo; Joel Montero, tenor; Ólafur Sigurdarson, barítono

Sinfónica de Quintana Roo (México)



Teatro de Xcaret (Solidaridad), Riviera Maya (México)

June 2018: 15th


Julie Davies, soprano; Mali Corbacho, mezzo; Joel Montero, tenor; Ólafur Sigurdarson, barítono

Sinfónica de Quintana Roo (México)




Teatro Barceló Maya Palace, Riviera Maya (México)

June 2018: 16th


Julie Davies, soprano; Mali Corbacho, mezzo; Joel Montero, tenor; Ólafur Sigurdarson, barítono

Sinfónica de Quintana Roo (México)





Auditorio Mario Laserna (Bogotá, Colombia)

May 2018: 26th



SCHEHERAZADE (N. Rimsky-Korsakov)

Piano solista: Sergei Sichkov

Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional de Colombia



Teatro Colón (Bogotá, Colombia)

May 2018: 31st

FINLANDIA (J. Sibelius)


CONCIERTO PARA PIANO Nº 1 (P. I. Tchaikovsky)

Piano solista: Ryutaro Suzuki

Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional de Colombia




Teatre Principal (Palma de Mallorca)

April 2018: 7th, 8th


(P. Miquel Marquès)

Maia Planas, Margalida Cloquell, Natalia Salom, Antoni Comes, Tomeu Bibiloni, Pablo López

Coro del Teatre Principal de Palma

Orquesta Sinfónica de Baleares




Igreja de Santa Cruz (Braga, Portugal)

March 2018: 26th


Orquestra e Coro da Universidade do Minho




Teatro Campoamor (Oviedo)

March 2018: 9th, 10th


(T. Bretón)

Amparo Navarro, Marina Pardo, Mª José Suárez, Amelia Font, Javier Franco, E. Baquerizo, E. Sánchez

Capilla Polifónica Ciudad de Oviedo

Orquesta Oviedo Filarmonía

Dir. Escena: Maxi Rodríguez




Casa da Música (Oporto, Portugal)

February 2018: 18th


Martin Mkhize, Sarunas Sapalas, Egle Sidlauskaite, Cassandra Wyss, Brigitta Simon, Inma Hidaldo, Bastian Kohl, David Jagodic

Orquestra do Atlantico



Auditorium (Palma, Spain)

October 2017: 21st



Maia Planas, soprano, Mali Corbacho, mezzo

Óscar Marín, tenor, Tohru Igochu, bariton

Capella Mallorquina

Orquesta del Festival MúsicaMallorca



Catedral de Mallorca (Palma, Spain)

September 2017: 30th

THE ARMED MAN (Karl Jenkins)

Capella Mallorquina, Cor Ciutat d'Eivissa

Cor Juvenil del Patronat de Música d'Eivissa

Orquestra Simfònica de Balears



Teatro José Lúcio da Silva, Leiria (Portugal)

October 2017: 23rd


Sandra Ferrández, mezzosoprano, Margarita Guerra, castañuelas

Coro Sinfónico Inés de Castro, Orfeao de Vila Praia de Ancora

Orquestra Ópera no Património



Solar do Vinho do Doãsol, Viseu (Portugal)

October 2017: 14th



Ana Pinto, soprano, Luís Rodrigues, bariton

Orquestra Ópera no Património



Claustro Afonso V, Mosteiro da Batalha (Portugal)

October 2017: 7th



Ana Pinto, soprano, Luís Rodrigues, bariton

Orquestra Ópera no Património



Auditoriu from Chetumal (México)

September 2017: 13rd


Orquesta Sinfónica de Quintana Roo



Auditorium from Playa del Carmen (México)

September 2017: 14th


Orquesta Sinfónica de Quintana Roo




Auditorium Barceló Maya Palace (México)

September 2017: 15th


Orquesta Sinfónica de Quintana Roo




Portada y entrevista en la Revista Melómano del mes de mayo 2015



Gran éxito de José María Moreno en "Trilogía de los Fundadores" en el Teatro de la Zarzuela de Madrid (junio 2014)



El Director José María Moreno se incorpora a las listas de Musiespaña (marzo 2014)